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Our Management

Suren Kamsarakansky, Director of Tora Investigations, Armenia has a wide experience in the field of private investigation and intelligence services. His experience can be described through his achievements as he is presently a President of IALRI(International Association for Legal Research and Investigators ) and also a Vice-President of GAOPI (Global Association Of Private Investigators). The team of Tora investigations are fully equipped with innovative private investigators of Armenia who are capable of providing the solutions of all kind of critical matters involved for investigations. The experience and expertise in numerous fields allow us to satisfy our client practically on request.

The list and criteria of our premium services of private investigations offered by us including in different category. For business category we provide:

For legal category, we provide our discreet private investigation services:

And also we provide our consultations in fields of Constitution and civil law including Human rights and fundamental freedoms. We are also proving many of our on-ground services which are mentioned in services. Our main aim is to solve the query form the grass root and we follow all the ethics of private investigations with the consideration of non-disclosure agreement of any information. Kindly contact us on info@armeniaprivateinvestigators.com according to your requirement respectively.