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IP Rights Investigation Services in Armenia

Pirated goods, counterfeiting and thefts in the Intellectual properties have endangered the IP rights of the most of the brands. Reputes brands are sensing the worst effects of such unlawful activities. Gray market and parallel trading have uprooted the branded products from the international markets. Many retailers, whole seller, suppliers and distributor are measuring the adverse effects in term of loss to their revenue or incomes. In the present scenario, these losses have gone in billions of dollars in the international market. Our professional provides the prominent service on IPR through under listed methodology.

We have the caliber and skills to identify, analyze and deter the rise of circulation of such goods which violated the IPR law. We constantly strive to assist our clients with comprehensive quality service on IP Investigations with complete details. To have the detailed information on related services please inquire on info@armeniaprivateinvestigators.com.


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